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breaking news. a tragic accident where a young girl has been killed and now, a stabbing on board a school bus. >> tonight, embezzlement charges in public schools. how six employees allegedly misspent millions of dollars of your money. >> a crucial decision on the america's cup after the death of a sailor last week. should races go on as skedz you'lled?. >> how many criminals are roaming free because police haven't tested thousands of rape kits? >> this is the scene of a late afternoon tragedy ai. woman two, children hit by a car, one of them didn't survive. good evening, everyone.
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>> we have confirmed tonight a 5-year-old was killed. that girl, her little sister and aunt hit by an suv and david lieu gee live with what happened. >> breaking news here in san jose. we're in the 300 block of bluefield drive. you can see this street is cordoned off. this is where the accident happened. the aunt and two girls were struck by a car. sky 7 hd was overhead. the aunt and child were struck in the milled midel of bluefield drive as they were apparently leaving park view elementary school. the aunt taken to the hospital.
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the neighbors have been complaining about speeding vehicles on the street. >> people are driving around, 50 miles per hour down the street. and just not paying attention especially when kids are leaving school. and crossing the street. >> the driver did stop. he is cooperating with the investigation. he was taken down to the police department and is being interviewed right now by investigators. >> a 2-year-old girl, the younger sister of the 5-year-old girl who was killed here was injured. the parents and aunt did not know that at the time. she went home, and then injuries were discovered at this point so they decided to take her to the hospital. police tell us she's only has minor injuries.
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the driver is cooperating with police. we don't know what happened or how fast he was driving. >> david, thank you. more breaking news tonight a stabbing on board a school bus from independence high. a student injured. sky 7 shows the bus stopped at the intersection. police say it started with a fight between two students. the injured student expected to be okay. the student expected in the stabbing is now in police custody. >> a south bay story still developing a man died in a house fire. an elderly man was trapped inside of this two story house. the firefighter is expected to be okay. >> to san francisco now. there is word the america's cup will go on this summer and
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that includes sailing the catamarans like the one involved in the deadly crash. that is where mark matthews is stand big for us. >> as expected america's cup organizers never gave serious consideration to either postponing or changing the types of boats but they're appointing a panel of experts to reveal the accident and make recommendations. this accident happened touring a practice of a routine sailing maneuver, but when the bow dug into the water something happen that had caused the boat to fold up. andrew bart simpson was on the trample yeen and was trapped underwater and drowned. critics began calling on organizers to rethink the choice of yachts. but today, organizers say
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racing will continue but a panel of experts will be appointed to review the accident. >> to review facts of the week and to make recommendations to competitors going forward and how to be shower the racing will be as safe as possible. >> three are bay area sailors. they were investigating the fatal yacht racing accident at the farallon islands. the regatta chairman says it's clear the 72 foot yachts are appropriate for racing on san francisco bay. >> there has been a lot of sailing of the america's cup yachts many days, many, many course. >> murray says it will focus on keeping sailors as safe as
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possible. >> what we look to do. >> murray says all met to endorse the decision to go forward. racing due to again in just seven weeks. yesterday, a german sailing federation says it's pulling support from a german youth sailing team that wanted to come theer race in the smaller 45 foot yata marchans saying it's a decision based on the accident that happened last week but the team still wants to come. to compete. organizers say they'll be welcome to come sailing. >> mark, thank you. a new lead in the search for a missing girl. she disappeared on sunday in lake county zabc 7 news is live in clear lake tonight with this new evidence.
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wayne? >> that still frame showing mick yalea lynch as she left her parent's yard on mother's day. since then, the family has asked reporters not to show the picture again and say it's just too upsetting and we're going to honor that request. but the bottom line of the picture is that it changed this investigation. let's show you. that picture has refocused and redirected hoping mick kayla didn't run into waters they focused on homes, yards and wild lands to the north. they'd been joined by hundreds and some have autistic children themselves. i says to search for an autistic child it helps to know one. >> we know how they oor how are they? >> very special kids.
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>> and so this search continues. this field is a good example. this field, 50 firefighters walking shoulder to shoulder most cruise are in for the evening and expect to remove tomorrow evening. prosecutors filed charges against laila fowler's 12-year-old brother accusing him of murdering his sister last month. sheriff deputy as rested the by over the weekend as we've reported. authorities say he killed his 8-year-old sister then made up a story about an intruder breaking into the family's home. investigators say the boy was the only one in the house at the time. today, authorities released audio made by the stepmother we have post that had online at abc 7 if you'd like to hear it top transportation brass came to
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discuss the troubles facing the new bay bridge. state senator wants answers to what has gone wrong with dozens of bolt that's cracked on the span. abc 7 news as at that hearing today and joins us now live. heather? >> carrow rin, sorry to throw another government acronym into the mix but the toll bridge program oversight committee was created in 2005 to oversee the new project and they were the one that's were called here to sacramento today. not just caltrans, to answer questions about what has gone wrong. senator says he called this hearing on faulty bolts because he is not been satisfied with caltrans explanations. >> computers expect honesty. and i think that is what we've all experienced is whether it's engineering speak or not. they have to trance plate concerns into the general public so it's understandable.
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>> 32 bolts in a batch broke on the new span when they were tensioned in march. there is a fix in the works for them. caltrans has to test a couple thousand to make sure they won't also break. on the question whereof this type of bolt is susceptible to breaking, caltrans director says they had been used successfully before. >> we did not incorporate then, what we didn't know then is the level we should do in order n.ordering these bolts. the did he have jill in the met qlal >> on the question whof decided to use them, and when, caltrans says a group of experts in 2002, more specifics will require reconstruction of records. >> record system is another lesson learned. that this would have gone
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faster if records were computerized and more available so we've had to do search lg, hunting and pecking to get the material from 2002. >> as for whether the new bridge will open labor day weekend, the decision boils down which bridge is safer in an earthquake. the old one, or the new one, even with bolts that still need replacing. >> what do you do if you take a week? there is another loama reyetta? -- loma prieta and what experts tell us the old bridge collapse autos that is what the decision here is. put traffic on the new bridge before the earthquake happens. >> abc 7 news saying it's likely that the new bridge could be safer an old bridge come labor day. we should know more about that come may 29th in oakland.
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in sacramento abc 7 news. >> tonight six former school district employees charged with embezzling $15 million. accord together district attorney this scheme went on for a decade but how did they gaet way with it for so long? that is the key question. we're live with the story. >> trish basscomb in charge of the student support division. he and her teamworked with nonprofits like edgewood center to get needed medical ask educational help for students in the district. the state and federal grants given to her division had to be used within a certain time period or risk losing those funds. the district attorney says they put this into a slush fund. >> money never too be parked
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into a separate account. >> this supposedly went on from 2002 to 2010. saying five employees funneled money into personal accounts. basscomb is said to have taken $87,000. a sixth employee was paid $12,700 for work never performed. >> we know there is money to pay bonuses they didn't have coming to them. >> according to the investigation one nonprofit sf school alliance used $250,000 to invest in the stock market and lost. terry was not with the nonprofit, she came on board in 2010 when the investigation was just beginning. >> no comment on that. no. just what i said, we're working with the da ask
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supportive of what is the school districts efforts are and will continue to do so. >> we're mortified at the thought that trusted employees would scheme. >> he says the clients did nothing illegal. >> what is going to come out here is incompetence of elected officials, the school board and people they hire to over see what is going on in our direct. >> the former employees agreed to surrender to authorities tomorrow. >> still ahead tonight a bay area woman's decision to have a double mastectomy without having breast cancer. >> new at 6:00 tonight a boxer tried to take a gun on board a plane. we're going to bring you the decision made by liz prosecutors.
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>> a crime targetin [ man ] we have a go for auto sequence start. t-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
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every one is taing about angelina joely. the actress announced she had a double mastectomy after testing positive for a genetic mutation and learning she had an 87% chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. in november, sharon osbourne announced she had a preventative double mast yekt
7:18 pm
mismt actress christina applegate chose the same treatment in this woman from the bay area from santa rosa made the sa d similar diagnosis. >> joel was 42 when she got the news. the test she took to see if they had the mutation was positive. >> the first thing that came to my mind what is going to thoop my kids? it was emotional, my family was in the room with me. my mom next to me. >> doctors say the chances of her getting breast cancer were more than 90%. her aunt and grandmother both died from it. she chose to have her breasts
7:19 pm
and owe var eyes -- owe varies removed. >> i had a close friend look at and said why would you do sna you zront cancer. >> i what v.high risk of it. i don't want to go through life wondering is in the day i'm going get cancer? >> in may, 2009 she had the double mastectomy including a procedure on her breasts she. had her her owe varies removed in a separate surgery. >> sent me into menopause that night. >> the lack of information about the process and recovery prompted her to write a blog and then, her own book called cancer time bomb. >> i wanted women to understand what it was like before saying okay, i'm going to do it. >> now, burnett is healthy, happy with her decision and hopefully by sharing others will benefit. >> the reality is that if your told chances of cancer are
7:20 pm
that high, you -- why not do something? why not take control over your life to do something about it? >> new at 6:00 boxer robert gurero has won a big battle out of the ring. the state supreme court dismissed charges against gure gurero. that is legal in california but not in new york. he was there promoting a fight against floyd mayweather. >> police are looking for a man who stole two chain saws from a store in concord. take a look. you can see him walking out of the door and the manager not far behind us. >> here is another look at the
7:21 pm
man as he entered on the store. got aby in a station wagon. the theft took place yesterday morning. >> good picture. >> yes. >> let's talk about the weather. really mild out there. breezy. >> yes. spencer stre with what is still to come. ar s>> clees. clouds out at the moment. no significant clouds but take a look at the wind gusts right 22 miles per hour at sfo. fl r.60 degrees in san francisco. 63 in oakland. 67 santa cruz. another live view from embark dareo 83 degrees in santa rosa. 70s in livermore, 63 union city. looking over the golden gate a few thin clouds and clouds
7:22 pm
increasing tomorrow, continuing throughout the evening. and cooler thursday and friday. here comes a cold front bringing down a cooler pattern going last thursday, friday noorks saturday.l start at 7:00s evening, notice clouds beginning to move through tomorrow overnight into thursday. and then, by early friday morng we'll see maybe sprinkles around. we don't expect significant rainfall but there may be wet pavement on friday. no wet weather is expected just areas of low clouds and temperatures dropping into low 50s then, as clouds begin to thicken we'll see at least partly sunny skies there. mostly sunny skies in the afternoon in southern and eastern parts of the viewing
7:23 pm
area, upper 60s to 70s around the bai. highs into 50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. two cool days for this time of the year coming our way. to mid-50s orminup again ove the weekend. by sunday, highs back up around 90 degrees so this cool spell won't last too long. >> up next a woman whose tea party organization may have been targeted by the irs. >> it's now the subject of a criminal investigation. stay with us.
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drake's bay oyster farm is fighting to stay alive. drake's asked judges to overrule a decision that puts drakes out of business. oysters have been harvested nearly eight decades. the federal government decided to restore the tloond wilder nis. the family that took over the farm says it's not fair and
7:27 pm
environmentalists say it's about time the land was restored. >> we didn't know we'd have to go through a political boot battle to protect from government abuse,. >> public land needed to be protected this, is for all americans to enjoy not just one company to profit off of this. >> drakes estimates itf the oysters in california. it's unclear when that will happen. >> a radio personality says she may have been a tea party supporter targeted by the irs. two years ago she says she was the subject of a lengthy audit. >> an agent spent three months every day in our office it and was a nightmare bebu we came out clean.
7:28 pm
>> she says she may sue the irs if she was targeted for her political afillation. attorney general holder launched an investigation. >> i think everyone can agree if not criminal, they were outrageous skpun acceptable but we're examining the facts. >> the investigation senters on ohio offices. documents show similar cases against conservative groups were opened in california. >> there is a lot more still to come. what bay area law enforcement is doing to process a backlog of rape kits. >> with budget surplus hopes were high program cuts would be restored. winners and
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abc 7 news i team reveals bay area law enforcement agencies are not only testing dna evidence collected in rape investigations. >> thousands of untested
7:32 pm
sexual assault kits are sitting on shelves now of local police department autos and dan noyes is here now with aan update to an investigation reported on awc 7 news at 11:00. >> advocates and survivors tell us all sexual assault kits should be tested and it sends a message to the victim police are taking this seriously. >> sexual assaults are some of the most horrendous crimes that could happen to someone. >> the district attorney is on a mission to test every sexual assault kit in her county, starting with almost 2000 kits in police property rooms. >> it makes no sense not to take that amazing tool that has been developed in the criminal jus tais rena and look at to it see if we can solve crimes. >> in san francisco, police are are required to test all kits.
7:33 pm
that this city ordinance found. so far, sfpd found 196 sexual assault kits sitting untested on shelves and they are now reviewing the cases. and our investigation led to an audit of the room, to see if there are other untested kits from before 2009. >> short of a homicide were you don't have victim to talk to i don't know if there is another event. >> and we surveyed departments in santa clara county and found not all kits there are are tested. police connected 45 kits from 2009 to 2012. seven sent for testing. the department has 49 untested kits in the property room. we test kits that are required to be tested. to prosecute a case. >> the department of public safety collected 53 kits.
7:34 pm
12 sent for testing. the department says we didn't send them down for a reason. there was no physical evidence or a known suspect refered to the district attorney and we defered to them whether they get sent down or not. >> san jose has over 18,000 sexual assault kits in its property room. terry harmon says dna testing is not always necessary in solving crime. if a suspect confess autos there is other evidence of a crime that at the time of issuing the kit is not a necessary component. >> the agencies told us they test sexual assault kits when the suspect is unknown or is known and denied sexual contact. they did not test if a suspect is known consent is not an issue believing no evidence has been collected or the victim does not want to move
7:35 pm
forward in this case. >> it's revictimizing the victim. >> natasha is a sexual assault survivor and advocate believing all kits need to be tested. she says not testing might leave a criminal on the streets. >> we have tools to tie to other crimes and we're not using it. what a failure of justice. >> she was helping alameda county and other agencies raise found test the evidence. it can cost 800ses today 1200ses today test a kit. she says the push for more testing starts with police. >> get them out of custody that. is where most of the rape kits are. >> the director of the crime lab believes every kit should be tested woe want to make sure procedures under place to take it effective. >> we can't just put it on a conveyor belt and w.out having
7:36 pm
the background information to know again, you know what is the nature in this case and does it deserve the priority saigs. >> every agency felt the same way. >> it can be done. we have kits here, just have to take it from point a, evidence room to the lab. >> i've been an advocate but as much dna as and some are members of the sexual assault team. >> it's noup to the agencies and officials to decide if they want to put procedures in place to test all kits some might be a factor. cash strapped departments may not be able to afford testing every kit but it may be worth it. officials say 20 serial rapists were identified.
7:37 pm
>> schools get a boost in the new budget but the schools about the only thing benefiting from the cash coming in. abc 7 news explains why many others are asking why they get left out. >> time to break ut the campaign. >> after weeks of talk about a surplus nearing $5 billion, governor brown's revised plan is actually a billion dollars lower than original proposal in january. >> the news about the economy dropped. 4% growth now 2% growth. >> add to that looming cuts and a higher payroll tax forcing worker foz spend less and the surplus sthant big. >> i'm trying to find the right balance between spending and holding on. >> thanks to approval of higher taxes under prop 30, schools come out big winners
7:38 pm
in the revision. nearly $3 billion more. $1 billion helping implement more rigorous academics and the rest a plan to give more money to school districts to have a higher ratio of students. and as california begins to implement the federal affordable care act governor brown added nor money to medical as the program takes on millions of uninsured residents. >> i need help. >> single moms in northern cal works are stunned over what is not in the governor's revised budget. none of the previous year cuts were restored and monthly benefits remain naul small. they thought helping pass prop 30 would be more money for their program too,. >> i'm begging you help us the way you came to our community and asked to us help you pass
7:39 pm
this proposition. >> anybody tliz is spare change around has not read the budget. >> cal works mom woz like to see the governor dip into reserves owe to fund the program more, democrats and republicans like restraints and must approve a budget by june 15th. >> just ahead here tonight gearing up for google glass. >> some people tried waring this new age computer.
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more than 5,000 pouring in to san francisco for google io conference. >> everybody waiting to hear about the news on that device called google glass. >> okay. glass. take a picture. >> it's like a smart phone. >> i glance up and the screen lights up it's google glass. wearable device making a grand entrance at the conference. developers lined to drop $1500 for a test version. so did a few journalist autos
7:43 pm
glass aims to put the best of google just a glance away. >> i do see a bit of the frame. but mostly i see you. >> it has a tiny display. >> i had the opportunity this summer it was an epiphany moment for me. >> ask about this right now. they spent time on the computer back turned we believe it's going to elevate the color of care. >> this is just for developers only. the final pro jekt duct going look more stylish. >> google seems glass is the
7:44 pm
one everybody is talking about. >> if you're in a local bar is it appropriate to be wearing it at all times? >> electronic frontier foundation says the tiny camera on glass is pointed and nobody knows whether it's on. >> a lot of things used to be private are now going to be public. question is that the society we want to live in? >> nl. >> coming up next a community of what police call blessing scam. >> up next michael finney shows us how it works who is ofte
7:45 pm
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7:47 pm
a public awareness campaign to help protect the chinese community launches tomorrow. >> the district attorney is starting to get the word out about a crime targeting elderly folk autos yes. it's taken nold chinatown and
7:48 pm
throughout the city. thieves praying on fears of older people who end up handing over their live savings. investigators asking the public to help them end it once and for a >> police call it a blessing scam. the crime is increasing in frequency. anyone working on these daiss can tell thu is taking a toll. san francisco district attorney met with a woman who lost $10,000 she'd saved to send her children children to college. >> she worked in the kitchen, had been saving for years. >> they're more afraid governoring out. or even engaging with the community or public. because there is a sense of shame for having been a victim. >> this video shows the scam in action. three women convince the
7:49 pm
victim to see a fake doctor who tells the victim she has a curse. the doctor asks to put her jewel skpri cash in a bag so it can be cleansed. the suspects then switch the bag and flee. he says the criminals know victims are deeply spiritual and dedicated to family. >> older generation will feel very threatened in fear of their family or their childrens lives and so they will be willing to sacrifice. >> gascone says the scam is happening nationwide and in china, victims are usually working class people. unfortunately, they're unlikely to report the crime to police. they want victims to talk to investigator autos make sure if there is someone victimized that they report it. they don't need to feel
7:50 pm
ashamed. we can work with them in whatever language they speak. we're gresively pursuing this case. >> second, they want people to raise awareness by talking to each other. >> take this severeusly. koit happen to you and to your family. and they have to be mindful. >> police say they have reports of the crime taking place in san frachblt as well as out in visitation valley. thieves raked in $1.5 million from 50 consumers. and there is a bit gf news, san francisco is the first city to prosecute these cases. we'll keep track. >> good. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> let's turn our attention back to the forecast. >> here is a look at live doppler 7. clear skies, it's breezy out
7:51 pm
there. gusting in parts of the bay area. but beautiful evening. tomorrow, increasing clouds in the north bay but clouds continue to sweep across the bay area overnight tomorrow night. high temperatures lower than today. mainly 70s inland areas. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's really going to cool down. and moving back up sunday and monday. >> game five about to get underway in san antonio. >> this is a big, big night. in this series. >> biggest game of the series tonight in san antonio. a reason to celebrate before the game started a well deserved honor com
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
the giants left town a confident bunch after going 7-3. they're in toronto for two games.
7:55 pm
cabrerra is now a blue jay. he and fellow former giant have derosa taken into their old team. giants with a pair of first inning errors coupled with faulty locations. cabrerra wanted his four hits. r.a.dickey struggling in american league. the highlights end there. warriors and spurs game five tonight we've been saying all year warriors are a young team. well, rookie got his property props today, named to nba all rookie first team. the pick in the 2012 draft averaging nine points, four rebounds one assist in 81 games this year. sunday, 26 points. the 20-year-old blossom ntd
7:56 pm
playoffs averaging 16 points. meanwhile, stej curry talked about his bum left ankle. >> it's good. ready to go tonight. it's better for game four that. is all i can ask for. >> warriors leading 9-8. eastern conference semies. game four for the next. george 26 for the pacers ever in doubt. 93, 82 the final in indianapolis. sharks and kings facing off tonight. game one of the western conference down in los angeles not lost since sharks knocked them out back in 2011. men in teal well rested with a week off after sweeping vancouver. these two know each other well two, and two during regular season. >> out of resu think
7:57 pm
it's a big thing you're playing against defending stanley cup champs they've got home ice. we're familiar with their game that. should keep you on your toes and prepared to battle. >> 110 miles from palm day to santa clarita. in a time of four hours, 20 minutes. this is stel the leader in this event. former cal great chuck munty passed away at age 60. an all american pac 8 offensive player of the year. rushing over 6700 yards and 71 touchdowns. the three-time all pro formed a foundationng worki with
7:58 pm
disadvantaged youth. always had a smile on his face. >> just a nice guy. i've done a lot of work with him. and chuck gave a lot to that organization because he lost a friend to mel lan gnomea. it was important to him. just a great guy. >> did so much for disadvantaged youth in the san diego area. >> leaves a great legacy he left too early. >> he did. >> moving on, join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then, hitting home. the scandal against the irs expands. other offices are insolved including two in california. >> thousands donate their locks to children who lost theirs because of medical issues but where has the hair gone?
7:59 pm
>> and tonight's prime time line up tonight starts at 7:00. >> that does it for they edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
8:00 pm
(male announcer) in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. come on, linda. let 'em out to play. (woman on radio) but...i'm in the kitchen, ray.

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